1. Past Future Tense :

Yesterday my friend come into the early hours of 8 . Was forced to just talking a little in the house , mepet banget because of the time , that time  i ‘m going to go to work .


  1. Present Continous Tense

One night a father being noticed his son was playing in the computer room, because the father was afraid if the Cubs are currently open porn sites, then his father had asked her, ‘ what are you kiddo do with that computer? ‘, and then his son had replied ‘ I’m typing tasks well ‘. And his father was relieved because of his not being open porn sites.


  1. Past Perfect Tense

Today i met my friend who ‘s in the park , he looks very glum , then and i asked him , ‘ why do you look so sad ? ‘ , then my friend is answering ‘ i was sad because i have learned with enterprising but not get good results when the test ‘ .


  1. Present Perfect Tense

A mother was talking to baby sitter, the mother was asked what had been done by his son on this day because of the morning afternoon chores smpai was at work. The mother had asked ‘ whether the child I already drink milk? ‘ then any answer ‘ he has drung milk’.


  1. Present Tense

A mother who just got home it works wonder in front of his house many motorcycles belonging to his friend, then the mother has entered her house and asked her to be on top of his house went ‘ what are you guys doing up? ‘ then the word the child ‘ we are learning


  1. Future Tense

A late afternoon i met an old friend of mine , and i was telling a friend of mine that i would go to america tomorrow at noon , and my partner was asking what am i gonna do on america and i was answered ‘ i will vacation ‘ .


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